Cologne Theatre Night

We, twelve tenth graders, participate in a voluntary drama club over the school year, which is directed by Miss Bootmann. We meet every Monday in the 9th and 10th period. In addition to playing drama games, doing improvisation work and acting out scenes, we also go on field trips.

On October 2nd, we went to the 18th Theatre Night in Cologne. In total, there were more than 200 performances shown in 40 different theatres, and we went to see five of them.

First, we met up at Casamaxx Theater, where we saw an open rehearsal of the opening scene of the play "We are VR", which dealt with virtual reality. At the end of the performance we were allowed to give feedback and contribute ideas of our own.

Afterwards we went to Studiobühne, where we saw two 15-minute performances. Both weren't traditional plays. The first was a modern dance performance with live singing presented by a single dancer who first reacted to a rock song whose volume level was rising and falling extremely. Following this, she danced while making her own soundscape. The second was a performance by singer-songwriter Jens Eike Krüger with ukulele songs one might find inappropriate for children but still fun for everyone to listen to.

At Freies Werkstatt Theater we then saw an excerpt from the play "Der Nazi & der Friseur". It was a really intense performance by two men wearing mime makeup. They both were supposed to be the same character but throughout the piece they jumped into different roles and the audience was touched by the emotional storytelling.
Lastly, we went to COMEDIA Theater, where we watched a modern staging which was still a work in progress. It dealt with several issues all connected to contemporary problems in society. Mostly portrayed were different values and to whom these values matter. The whole play was performed by three dancers accompanied by live music.

Most of us really enjoyed the field trip because it gave us the opportunity to experience many different kinds of theatre, acting and performing. Hopefully we can use some ideas we got from this night for our own project. A trip like this is highly recommendable.

Text: Rahel Düx (EF)

Foto: Angie Bootmann



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