Jillian Ellis, unsere Fremdsprachenassistentin für Englisch, ist nun schon seit einem halben Jahr an unserer Schule. Für alle, die sie noch nicht kennengelernt haben, stellt sie sich hier vor:

"My name is Jillian and I am the foreign language assistant for English at Elisabeth-von-Thüringen this year. I come from Northern Ireland and finished my degree in English Literature and Language in July 2017. I am considering a career in teaching in the future and I feel my role at EvT gives me an opportunity to be in the world of teaching and get some experience before I begin studying to teach. I am very excited to now be a part of the school community and to support and encourage our students in their English learning.

So far I have been giving presentations to students about Northern Ireland, Great Britain and – my personal favourite – Shakespeare; and have been working one-on-one or in small groups with students to practice speaking or to correct the language in written work. I have been spearheading an exchange project with 7C in which the students get to interact with school students of around their age in England. On Wednesdays in the 7th lesson in F007/ F008 I hold an open session where students can come to me either with questions, or simply to talk and practice their English.

I have been living in Cologne since September 2017 and have really enjoyed travelling around Cologne and the surrounding towns. My favourite things about Cologne are all of the scenic parks where I can walk, the art museums and the Dom. The view from the top of the Dom is wonderful and was absolutely worth the trek up all of those stairs. I've never lived in a big city like Cologne before and was surprised to learn that the population of Cologne is 1.05 million while the entire population of Northern Ireland is less than 50% larger at 1.8 million!"

Wer Lust hat, mehr über das Leben in Nordirland oder Großbritannien zu erfahren oder wer einfach sein Englisch trainieren möchte, kann jeden Mittwoch ab 13.30 Uhr ohne vorherige Anmeldung in F007/08 vorbeischauen.

Angie Bootmann